Free Download: DJ iZem's tribute to Celia Cruz [EU]

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DJ iZem is no stranger to Latin music. He’s done plenty of Latin-flavored remixes in the past, for artists such as Ondatrópica and La Yegros, so he knows what’s up. But he’s French, so he can’t help but get frustrated every time he wants to dance with a pretty girl at a Latin party and he doesn’t know how to follow the clave.

I fully understand his dilemma. I feel the same way and that’s why I’d rather stay behind the decks at the DJ booth than embarrass myself pretending to dance salsa, which is way beyond my physical capabilities.
DJ iZem is a lot smarter than I am, so instead of just hiding and making up excuses not to dance, he grabbed a classic Celia Cruz tune and broke it down to a beat that even the whitest Euro boy can easily relate to. There have been a few more remixes of “Quimbara” that aim to make it more DJ-friendly but they usually take a more mainstream EDM approach. DJ iZem’s is definitely the most original.