Free Download: DJ Sabo & DJ Melo's Go San Dos

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Moombahton has been around for a bit over two years. That’s like a fifteen in blog years. For a blog-centric hybrid genre with a silly name like that it’s quite an achievement. Many (and when I say many, I actually mean me) had predicted this genre would enjoy the lifespan of a twitter hashtag, but it somehow managed to survive. And even though it might not be crossing over to the Latin mainstream anytime soon it did manage to leave the soundcloud realms and get pressed on vinyl, which I guess, makes it official.

Among all DJs and bedroom producers that jumped on the moombah bandwagon DJ Sabo is an exceptional case, mainly because he was doing it since way before moombahton had a name–also because he kept it real by keeping it connected to the Latin side of the genre’s heritage (the ‘ton part). It makes sense then, that it’s thanks to his own record label, Sol Selectas, that a selected few out of the zillion moombah tracks that float on the blogosphere, received the now-rare vinyl treatment.

This track here, done by Sabo in collaboration with Arizona’s DJ Melo was included in the second volume of Moombah Fiesta, a four-track 12” EP released earlier this year on Sabo’s boutique label. It wasn’t available in digital format until now and you can get it here for free! Also if you’re really committed to moombahton or you’re a vinyl junkie, you can still get a copy of it on wax and support the artists.

DJ Sabo & DJ Melo – Go San Dos by