Free Download: Dogos’ Lo-fi Track “Deja de correr” [P.R.]

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Out of the ashes of Youvultures –the experimental/hard rock band from the coastal town of Cabo Rojo that is no more- quickly rose a new project with an immensely different sound. Welcome to the scene Dogos, an indie pop/lo-fi project from one half of Youvultres, Derick Joel Rivera, and photographer/director Ferdy Valls, which you may recognize as Furry Vowels. As their calling card, the duo just released “Deja de correr” as a free download.

The bass anchors the track, making it a daze inducing, lo-fi pop affair. This is no accident, as Valls tells us that the song started as old bass tracks that had been lying around in Rivera’s computer for months. “I was kind of shy about the tracks”, says Rivera over email. “But I’m really glad that I showed these tunes to Ferdy because we share a strong chemistry when it comes to music. Our ideas really connect and everything flows naturally.” The former roommates share a lot of musical influences, including El mató a un policía motorizado, The Pixies, Beach Fossils, DIIV and Broken Social Scene. These shine through “Deja de correr”, an ode to unrequited love.

According to Valls and Rivera, their EP is scheduled to debut in late January 2014, but in the meantime they released the single along with a nifty hashtag, meant to connect the band with their audience. “Hashtags are kind of trendy, but they are a great tool to get connected with people”, says Valls. “I want Dogos to be something that our friends and others get really connected to and share what they feel”. So, if you want to get in touch with them, #todossomosdogos is the way.

Download “Deja de correr” for free over at their Bandcamp.