El Mix Vol. 4: Mushroom Pillow Mixtape

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We all know the Universals and the Warners and Sonys of the world. But what about the Ban Bangs and the Cosmicas and the Mamushka Dogs? These Latin indie labels are turning out some of the brightest gems in the scene, repping the artists of tomorrow, not necessarily today’s. But we’re all about looking ahead here at Remezcla and finding what our grandkids will be listening to, so when they do listen to it, we can be super snobby and look down on our passe grandchildren’s interests. Luckily, some of the premier indie disqueras of now are willing to partake in the future gang up of our children. -PCG

Remember the FREE indie music compilation we promised you? Behold Mushroom Pillow, home of Spain’s most gifted and celebrated indie rockers. This label features a new generation of alternative rock, and some of their rising players are We Are Stranded, La Familia del Árbol, Trángulo de Amor Bizarro, and many more!

It was no surprise that Mushroom Pillow was nominated for Spain’s Best Indie Label of the year, and several bands on this label did get the grand prize like Polock, Triángulo de Amor Bizarro, and Delorean (read about it here).

So now it is Mushroom Pillow and Remezcla‘s greatest pleasure to offer all you one of the BEST alternative rock compilations out there. IN ADVANCE, you get Chinese Christmas Cards’ track “Dreams,” which won’t be out until September, and Cut Your Hair’s demo “Utah in Pictures” who’ll have this studio release by the end of 2011. We also include hit songs from Sr. Chinarro, La Habitación Roja, and El Columpio Asesino. Your gift of a total of 10 tracks, 40 minutes of indie rock madness with some gnarly Remezcla album artwork. Get ready to expand your mind and ears!


El Mix Vol. 3: Mushroom Pillow Mixtape

1. Delorean: Deli

2. Cut Your Hair: Utah in Pictures (Demo Version)

3. Polock: Fireworks

4. Triángulo De Amor Bizarro: De la monarquía a la criptocracia

5. El Columpio Asesino: Toro

6. Chinese Christmas Cards: Dreams

7. We Are Standard: don’t give up (john talabot remix)

8. La Familia Del Árbol: ¿Tú me quieres?

9. Sr Chinarro: Una llamada a la acción

10. La Habitación Roja: Voy a hacerte recordar