Free Download: Ephniko's "Flow Mundial" [COL]

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Colombian rapper Ephniko is not one to miss and opportunity. Just in time for the FIFA World Cup, yesterday he dropped this fútbol-centric free single. Of course, Ephniko is no Pitbull (although he does live in Miami, FL), so he’s not even trying to come up with a fake soccer anthem for the throw-your-hands-up-in-the-air, peak-of-the-night dance floor.

“Flow Mundial” has some undeniable Brazilian influences, but not in the form of booty-shaking batucada. It’s a lot more subtle and requires attentive listening since it’s full of witty metaphors and name-dropping that any true sport fan will appreciate.

So if you didn’t have enough fútbol classics with yesterday’s top-ten and you’d rather listen to songs that require a little more brain use than this monstrosity, then this one might be just perfect for you.