Free Download: Espíritusanto's Genderless femenino/masculino EP [ESP]

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It’s always nice to find music with a point of view. Madrid’s espíritusanto has truckloads of it spilling out of its two-track EP, femenino/masculino. The quintet, who seems to be referencing Godard’s Masculin Féminin with the title, constructed this petite release out of a concept: two songs about men and women. But it’s not that simple. The EP doesn’t pander to bull-shit conceptions of femininity and masculinity, or gendered music in general. “femenino” isn’t just soft and pretty and passive; “masculino” doesn’t wield its sonic cock around. Instead, the EP resists making traditional claims about gender-designated qualities. In this EP, the music is equally good, equally represented, equally precious and ballsy.

You can name your own price on Bandcamp to get the EP and watch the trailer for the EP below, directed by Andrés F. González and Gema Segura.

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