Free Download: Fármacos’ “Despegarte De Mí” + Video [CHL]

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Red lipstick and a red dress stand out real well in an ocean of drab colors, like that guy’s dream girl in The Matrix. It’s just as pronounced in its use in “Despegarte De Mí,” the latest single from Fármacos.

The video, produced by the creative lads at Navaja, features a pillar of red smoke and a girl in a red-and-white-striped bikini (well, varied shades of red, to be exact). Together, they offer a stark visual contrast to the brown forest the members of the band find themselves in. The visuals are a perfect match for the equally hypnotic/dreamy tune.

It’s the first single off Los Días Más Largos, the group’s full-length album due out in July. You can also download the single below.

[insert-video youtube=IurzfHh7P_Y]