Free Download: Fármacos’ “Los Días Más Largos” [CHL]

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Who wants to help me launch a Kickstarter/indiegogo campaign to fund a trip to Chile for some ethnomusicology research into the country’s music scene? We’ll spend a few days with our new favorite band, Fármacos. The group from Santiago won us over with their Abril EP late last year and with their recent single, “Despegarte De Mí.” They’ve now gone in for the kill with the release of their full-length album Los Días Más Largos, featuring some contributions on the keyboard by Astro’s Andrés Nusser.

The album title perfectly describes the mood set by the 12 tracks: drawn-out epics of always-lush, sometimes-dreamy indie rock. Thankfully, these are the days you want to extend as long as possible. May the sun set at 10 p.m. as it does in Spain.