Free Download: Fauna's All Plato Remix [ARG]

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Tradition dictates that every Fauna release must be followed, a few months later, by a remixed version of it. All Plato was Fauna‘s first post-ZZK EP, released digitally late last year by Venezuela’s El Flying Monkey And while those tunes still sound fresh to our ears, here we have the expected remixed version that takes them to a whole new level, experimenting with the latest trends in the global bass avant garde.

None of their former ZZK label mates participated on this. Instead, we have a couple of Colombian pioneers (Cero39, Pernett), some new names from the Argentine scene (Reptilian Commander), some not-so-new names (TBCO), and some that have new names but have been producing music successfully for years under different aliases (Proper Cumbia Roots, the latest alter-ego of Argentine deep house legend Boeing). Oh, and did I mention it was free?