Free Download: Francisco y Madero's Love Songs for Dating, Carlos Pesina Strikes Again [MEX]

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Guadalajara’s Francisco y Madero—the musician not the ex-president—released this five-song EP almost a year ago but we thought we’d spread the good word anyway. Love Songs for Dating sounds exactly like what the title promises. These aren’t love songs for love affairs, breakups, or fucking. These are love songs for dating, that pure and awkward precursory era of almost-hand-holding and stolen glances. The songs are romantic in the sweetest sense, featuring hazy, drowned vocals amidst hypnotic sampling. “Panda Bear” and “Mango Kush” are the EP’s highlights, mixing some of Mexico’s regional folkloric elements with severe cuts, all very reminiscent of fellow Guadalajaran Carlos Pesina (aka Los Amparito aka Pesina Siller aka Pepepe). Wait a minute…Francisco y Madero IS Carlos Pesina! Clever girl.

Download Love Songs for Dating by naming your own price and listen below.