Free Download: Frankelet's “Huesos y Alquitrán”

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Sifting through all of the (awesome) pop music coming out of Chile these days, you can easily forget that that’s not all Chile produces. Santiago’s Frankelet seems more concerned with guitar solos, beating their drums to a pulp, and hardened voices than choreography and glitter. But even though the aesthetically flamboyant might not make it into these guys’ repertoire any time soon, the sound is still big and the takeaway is still wildly entertaining.

The band’s second album, the literally titled Disco Número Dos, comes out this month, but they’ve graciously given us “Huesos y Alquitrán” to hold us over. The speedy 3-minute track doesn’t slow down for anyone, instead it charges through its well-crafted agenda with precision and aggression. It’s clean yet dirty; a cohesive but messy, straight-forward rock effort.

Download “Huesos y Alquitrán” from Frankelet’s follow up, Disco Número Dos, here. Also download second-album-track “Cronoparabrisas” here.