Free Download: Frikstailers' “Crop Circles" [ARG]

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Frikstailers, ZZK’s colorful bro-duo (a bruo?), are teasing their next EP with its ‘80s-inspired title track, “Crop Circles.” Rafa Caivano and Lisandro Sona, dubbed by our very own Juan Data as the “indisputable galactic emperors of tropical futurism,” craft exceedingly experimental nü-cumbia trop mixes and an aesthetic that is, well, just look at it.

“Crop Circles” is more hip-sway-inducing, less acid heavy than their last single, “Omeprazol.” It has all the makings of a dance floor churner, so I expect to hear this in some upcoming summer sets.

Download “Crop Circles” below for free and expect the EP to drop in June via ZZK Records.

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