Free Download: Frikstailers' "Omeprazol" [ARG]

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Frikstailers are the most enigmatic, cross-national duo of the groundbreaking ZZK Collective, creating some of the most interesting and awesomely strange music to come out of that scene. When all is said and done, they can get away with anything and sound fresh, even sampling Stephen Hawking. Now, the band released “Omeprazol” as part of the ZZK Sounds Vol. 3 compilation, mixed by DJ Nim.

Why they named their track after a medicine used to treat acute gastritis, we’ll probably never know; unless it has something to do with the massive amount of acid bass on the track. From the beginning, you can hear the cumbia rhythms, marked by the güiro, being underscored by acid synths, reminiscent of those used by ’90s big beat legends, Chemical Brothers. From there, the track only gets more experimental with a few time changes, hypnotizing breaks, and the added bonus of moombahton style drums.

It’s a track made for the dancefloor, for sure. But it’s also a song that shows how much Frikstailers’ style has evolved since their beginnings with the ZZK crew. Comprised of producers Rafa Caviano and Lisandro Sona, they’ve demonstrated consistency, both in their sound and their aesthetic. Their latest album, En Son de Paz, proves that the duo knows no boundaries when mixing rhythms and genres, while never sacrificing that cumbia base that first brought them to the forefront. Ultimately, “Omeprazol” becomes a hip-swaying continuation of the intensity and inventiveness of the Frikstailers sound.