Free Download: Future Feelings EP

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Hailing from Mexico via Argentina, the future funk producer Future Feelings (née Fernando Dimare) releases two instrumental tracks off his latest self-titled EP. Holding up to his moniker, Future Feelings remixes an array of dream-like synth, midtempo bass, and syncopated tambourine rhythms, inspiring a melodramatic field of futuristic synth-pop to the post disco lover. Sounds futuristic enough?

This dude’s also been a Remezcla fave, so you can still get your other DL’s and stream all the tunes from Remix featuring remezclas from the works of Tecatense songstress Carla Morrison (honored here), Tijuanense ruidosón pioneers María Y José and Los Macuanos, including from the French indie pop sensation Phoenix and others.

Packed into a savory 3 minutes, “Situation” starts off with high key scales weaving ambient textures that reminds me of an old skool Zapp and Roger, while attending an urban Tony Montana-esque party. The twice-the-length track “Special Kind” also offers catchy elevations of sparkly-sounding synths with funky bass line. Download Future Feeling’s groovy EP and be transported into a mind journey of mafia-style funk with magical fairies floating in your imagination.

Future Feelings EP by FutureFeelings