Free Download: G-Flux ft. Los Labios' "Champagne" [MEX/ARG]

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My buddy Gustavo Naranjo, a.k.a. G-Flux, is a lucky mofo. He hooked up with the hottest girl in the ñu-cumbia realm (that’s Los Labios’ lead singer Lulu, of course), they went to some white sand beach and had some fun, sipping on champagne while she tanned in that bikini… all the while I’m here sitting in my office, without AC, in front of my computer, day and night, battling carpal tunnel syndrome. At least he got me something: this song.

I don’t know if anything I just said is historically accurate, chances are, they only met via instant messenger and worked virtually on this song together. What I do know for a fact is that I had a crush on Lulu since Los Labios dropped their debut EP in 2009 and listening to this collaboration got me all jealous, imagining some soft-core porn scenarios…

Anyway, G-Flux is releasing a new EP, Puros Exitos, full of delicious cumbias that are perfect for summertime. Besides Los Labios, it includes guest appearances by Empresarios, Paco Mendoza, and Beat Buffet, plus instrumental versions for your mash-ups or karaoke parties. It will be available on iTunes starting July 3rd but here you get an exclusive free taste.