Free Download: Gepe's 4 "En la Naturaleza" Remixes [CHL/MEX]

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It’s hard to record a song that so perfectly captures what you’re about as an artist. You can record a technically “good” song, one that reflects your approach or your interests, or you can record a song that just mimics everything you’ve done in the past. But Gepe’s “En la naturaleza (4-3-2-1-0)” is one of those songs that, for me, is synonymous with the name “Gepe.” It’s the embodiment of his artistry. It’s catchy, experimental in its poppiness, playful, and collaborative. It’s a BIG song.

So to celebrate its big-ness, Quemasucabeza has put together a five-track remix EP, featuring the original with Pedropiedra, and versions from Astro, Yelram Selectah, DJ Raff, and Román & Castro. None of these are better than the animalistically grand original, but they’re solid attempts at bringing out new elements from the song. Román & Castro add an electro-boogie and techno layer, while Yelram Selectah cumbias up the joint, letting the lions do some of the vocal work.