Free Download: Gnomico's "Hoy No Quiero Trabajar" + VIDEO [R.D.]

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Marcos Hassan. @Kiddieriot

Dominicano rhyme handler Wilson Polanco namechecks Public Enemy and Rubén Blades as influences. As the latter aptly demonstrates throughout his stellar career, music can simultaneously be socially conscious and have a good time, a lesson that can be heard on Gnomico’s easygoing single, “Hoy no quiero trabajar.”

Bullhorns and shouts of “gorda” adorn the slacker anthem (courtesy of producer MedioPicky), this rap wunderkind rhymes deftly about the simple pleasure of dropping out of the nine-to-five life for a little while before returning to the dreaded rut. His verses talk about everything he will do now that he’s skipping work. It’s something pretty much everyone can relate to, which will guarantee its place in at least one playlist titled “Is it quitting time already?”

Gnomico is already taking his cry for sleep to the information highway, asking followers and fans to post, tweet, and Instagram about their ideal day off with the hashtag #HoyNoQuieroTrabajar. One thing that’s clear to me is that if Ferris Bueller was Dominican and found himself grown up and working at an office space, he would definitely be blasting this jam.

Check out the video for the track below, which features a compilation of footage shot on webcams and camera phones of (I assume) friends of the MC having a laugh for a little while.

[insert-video youtube=HnvBtmK7Gao]