Free Download: Gravy Indie Union's "Olvídame"

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Ever want to break up with somebody by just playing them a single song over and over again? Well this kinda resonate as if these dudes had a baby from everyone on this list while making up the track. Blast it on your soon to be ex’s cell phone, assuming they understand Spanish. Why text break up when you can send a Hallmark of hate, or a singing telegram with this Rocky Balboa meets light rock-LCD Soundsystem pop grooves.

Gravy Indie Union are producer/DJ’s from Culiacán, Sinaloa who teamed up with the drummer Chinix after meeting up in el D.F. Gravy Indie Union dedicated themselves to experimenting with synths since their founding in 2000 and with their demo Grandes Exitos Vol. III made a name for themselves among the ranks of Mexican artists collective, Happy-Fi.

After a brief, existential hiatus in 2003 they rejoined forces in 2009. With highly successful remixes of Quiero Club and d3NdRON, the band came back to the music with a dedication to implementing their respective growth, while stylizing their sound to reflect their initial passion. “Diskette,” their first single released for the Out for Lunch EP exhibits meticulous syth-pop at play.

Gravy Indie Union‘s latest single, “Olvídame” hales the retro-resolve with a little bit of bite.

Download the track by clicking HERE, in courtesy of Happy-Fi.