Free Download: Grises' "Wendy" + Video [ESP]

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So, full disclosure. Sometimes there’s so much damn music in the world that we lose track of it. Case in point: Grises’ “Wendy.” We discovered “Wendy” and saw its video back in April when it first came out and lost our proverbial shit because, well, it’s a really fantastic song. It’s a self-aware anthem, all big and tender and young, full of shimmering ups and downs. It’s an epic—in the colloquial sense of the word—track. And we loved it. And we still do. And when I was listening to this song a few days ago I thought to myself, “Hmm, I wonder what we wrote about this song.” And lo and behold: nothing. We wrote absolutely nothing about it because we are human and we only have a certain amount of hands and ears and we got caught up with other stuff and Game of Thrones was on and life happened and blah blah blah. So, our apologies. This should’ve been up a while ago, if only because it has a one-way ticket to our top tracks of 2013 list.

Watch the video below, directed by Alberto Van Stokkum, and make sure to download the track from their second album, No se alarme señora, soy soviético, off Origami Records.

[insert-video youtube=ru6VjWbXtB8]