Free Download: Gus Goose's Larchmont EP, Electronic Music with a Heart [MEX]

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Gus Goose is the solo stage name of former Husky Gus Solis, a Monterrey-bred Austin dweller who takes the “bedroom producer” label and shows you just how much he can do with it. Solis is a one-man cavalry with a knack for harmonies and electronic music with a heart. His debut EP, Larchmont, features six theatrically and emotively assembled tracks to cry, dance, and get dressed to. That’s how bedroom this dude is; everything sounds like it came from the darkest corner of a high schooler’s haven (under a pile of dirty laundry or a stack of secret Playboys or next to a beat-up PS2). It feels accessibly intimate to the casual listener.

You can download Larchmont for the price of nothing via Gus Goose’s label, Abstrakt Muzak. Make sure to also check out the clip for Larchmont’s lead single, “Dulces en tu coche,” below. It’s a strange, often absurd arch of images by director Sefárdico.

[insert-video youtube=hLMthGZVC_Q]