Free Download: Hache ST’s "Conmemoración" feat. Bocafloja & Favi

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If you like good ol’ rap with conscious lyrics and soulful beats, you already know that you can count on the guys from Quilomboarte to provide top quality. This international collective led by Mexico’s Bocafloja keeps expanding its influence through the continent and adding new acolytes. This time around it’s Hache ST‘s turn, a Dominican MC who had already done some guest verses on Bocafloja’s latest album.

On “Conmemoración” we can see Hache ST spitting peaceful, intelligent, heartwarming rhymes with perfect flow, while Bocafloja returns the favor with a featured appearance, and San Francisco’s Favi Estrella (remember her from that song with Los Rakas?) does what she does the best on the chorus. Plus, Argentina’s Gas-Lab lays down the gorgeous jazzy beat. In other words, some of the best international artists from Spanish-language hip-hop’s new school all on one song.

Keep an eye out for Zafra, the upcoming album by Hache ST scheduled to drop on May 3rd.

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