Free Download: Hawaiian Gremlins' “Give It Up” (Boscop Benavente Remix) [MEX]

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These luau-loving, cuddly-but-deadly creatures have been invading Mexican stages and festivals recently, making big waves with a unique take on groove rock with some post-punk thrown in the mix for good measure.

This young, hungry unit is going in for the kill, honing their chops for good-time music, and now they have found an ally in Boscop Benavente of the regio dance squad, Quiero Club, who has re-molded their “Give It Up” to his likeness. In Benavente’s hands, the song is stripped of its surfy vibes but gains a coat of dreamy haze.

Download the song below. Meanwhile, I’m trying to figure out if employing gremlins to work at a Club Med in Honolulu can be considered exploitation.