Free Download: Hawaiian Gremlins' "Mogwai Love," Our New Drunk Anthem? [MEX]

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It’s always interesting to see a band through from the beginning. Not to say we’re already prophesying Hawaiian Gremlins’ rise. We’re not even sure they have enough steam for a whole album, but we’re curious to see if they do. The recently formed DF trio has dropped three tracks on their SoundCloud, all exploring the oft-explored Joy Division route with a smidgeon of surf and shoegaze. It’s charming. Not new or momentous, but charming nonetheless. At the Remezcla office we use the word “gremlin” to describe just how aggressively drunk or hung over we are. Maybe Hawaiian Gremlins’ newest, “Mogwai Love,” will become our sloppy anthem and then I can keep on pretending I’m in that Valley Girl montage where Modern English is playing and Nic Cage and what’s-her-face make out on beaches and at seedy LA clubs and fall in love because it’s Friday and Friday is when you fall in love, or so I’ve been told.