Free Download: Helado Negro Shows No Sign of Slowing Down with "I Krill You" [USA]

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Roberto Carlos Lange never stops, you guys. Between his 2013 album, Invisible Life, his on-going series Island Universe Story, and his collaborative release with Julliana Barbwick as OMBRE, the man behind the Helado Negro moniker hasn’t been out of our radar in a long time. He just premiered the first taste of his upcoming album titled Double Youth (2014, Asthmatic Kitty) and there’s no sign of him slowing down any time soon.

“I Krill You” is a delicious and unpredictable track which features signature Helado Negro elements, like a simple, catchy chorus, synthetic sounds, and spatious mixing. A 1/16 high-pitch click drives the whole song, and there’s even a beautiful but brief choral moment in its middle section. Before you know it, Lange lets loose that bass line and the song takes a weird/fun left turn. Adron Parnassum and the criminally neglected Jaytram also collaborate on this piece of goodness. Keep them coming, Roberto!

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