Free Download: Husky’s “Undressed”

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If you’ve taken a chance on Monterrey’s Husky in the past, then you know they like the softer things in life. Their Weekend Lovers EP reminded us all of early aughts indie jams, the type of music you would’ve definitely heard on The O.C. or some WB show. It’s this short-span nostalgia our generation shares that makes us love or hate almost everything. We’re a generation of extremes. But Husky has found a sweet spot, a nice middle point that doesn’t lean too much toward the sweetness or the roughness.

Undressed,” a B-side they’ve held onto, feels less fresh-faced than their debut Bambino. Bambino housed more buoyant ‘80s influence. “Undressed” skews more ‘90s and the results are more interesting, more textured. The production is still impeccable, but the style more reckless, reminiscent of fellow reverb/distortion enthusiasts Chikita Violenta.

Download the more current-sounding “Undressed” by Monterrey quintet Husky exclusively here at Remezcla.