Free Download: Hy Brazil Vol 4: Fresh Electronic Music From Brazil 2014 [BRA]

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Twitter: @Kiddieriot

Thanks to the World Cup, all eyes are on Brazil this year. With releases like this, it’s safe to say that the country wants all ears on them as well.

What we can find here is a sampling of some of the best current electronic artists in Brazil, showcasing their range and, above all, talent. If you wish to dive into the verde-amarela sounds of 2014, we can’t think of a better way than dropping whatever money you wish to donate their way and listening to this comp.

This is the fourth installment of the series, this time with the curatorial hand of Chico Dub of Novas Frequências, a festival that gathers beatmakers, academic electroacoustic composers, and noise artists from around the world. Novas Frequências is just one of the forces that Hy Brazil aims to represent since one of its missions is to give support and exposure not only to artists but also labels, promoters, festivals, producers, and many more. The previous three volumes have gathered recognition from various press outlets around the world and this one is bound to make the rounds and perk more ears than before.

The compilation has a big variety of sounds and acts, mostly recent additions to the Brazilian circuit. To be found here are clicks, soulful synths, classic house pianos, some retro moments, and even some nods to James Murphy with sinsongy vocals. Overall, the album’s feel is surprisingly chill if funky throughout. Artists like Manara, ALDO, and Cybass are well represented.

Even if it’s not batucada, this volume proves that Brazil’s got rhythm.

Listen here and check the bandcamp site for more details on the artists.