Free Download: Independent Art Fest Santurce es Ley's 20-Track Sampler [P.R.]

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If Puerto Rico is where you find yourself this weekend—kudos to you—then head over to Santurce es Ley, the three-day, community-organized, independent art fest opening today.

Santurce es Ley is in its fifth year, bringing local, emerging talent (sculptors, muralists, graphic designers, etc.) to the streets and galleries of Santurce. While you peruse the seriously impressive art, you can also catch some live music here and there.

To bring the sounds together, Santurce es Ley has pieced a convenient, 20-track sampler together, featuring both familiar and not-so familiar local acts. It’s a true-to-form sampler that feels like a smorgasbord of styles and voices (Los Wálters, Álvaro Díaz, La Santa Ska, Ikol Santiago, Moreira, Los Nervios, and more). So even if you can’t make it to Santurce this weekend, you’ll get a pretty good lay of the land via this sampler.

Download it below and check out the program breakdown as well.