Free Download: Indian Gold Label's Enlightened Compilation [GLOBAL]

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What helps spread shared music experiences? Simply put: be humble and a charismatic helper. The netlabel Indian Gold (with Valentín Torres and Rodo Ibarra of Maniquí Lazer as the tonal and visual power heads), just released its third compilation under the suggestive name Enlightened. As usual, Indian Gold wants to showcase the music that everyone seems to forget and deny, with an easy motto: their chosen path is to be diverse in a space where electronica, punk, and dream pop—just to name a few genres—can interact with each other effectively, efficiently, and without blurred boundaries.

With that in mind, Enlightened offers nine names of Indian Gold’s roster and nine music beams that attach, mainly, the experimental to the ear. The journey begins with Wave Group (Tijuana) and Al B (Los Angeles) forming a landscape of instrumental oniric electronica. This is also the case for Fax’s ethereal “Raymond” and Saäad’s “Soft Drug,” which may take you deep into an internal space trip down eternity. On the other hand, San Diego’s Rancho Shampoo offers a vivid Indian ritual, including a nostalgic flute that will give you an out-of-body experience where you’ll eventually find yourself floating between ancient chants and tribal percussions. Meanwhile, Software Wolf (South Korea) gives the compilation a delicate future pop flavor, as well as Argentine Microesfera‘s contribution.

Please, do yourself a favor: give a big piece of chance to Enlightened and milk Indian Gold for what they’re worth.