Free Download: Iñigo Vontier’s “Disco Alien” [MEX]

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The last time we heard something new from Iñigo Vontier, our man in Guadalajara, it was a collaboration with like-minded, outer space beats DJ/producer, Future Feelings (Fernando Dimare). Nearly a year later, Vontier returns with something new on his own: space disco banger “Disco Alien.

“Disco Alien” is a tad weirder than anything his sometime-partner-in-crime has released, thanks to a number of lazer beam/ray sounds and samples. It is, however, no less danceable thanks to a punchy, rubber band-ish bassline.

The song premiered on Y Este Finde Qué‘s summer compilation and Vontier is giving it away for free on his SoundCloud page. Download it, bump it, and watch as your party blasts off into sexy times.