Free Download: K.Sabroso/Broso's "Una tema pa mi Panameña" [USA]

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What do DJs do when they’re in love? They make a mixtape of corny love songs dedicated to their loved one. Our friend K.Sabroso took a different approach and instead he remixed a song that he knew his girlfriend, La Panameña, could not resist dancing to.

Under his new shortened alter-ego, Broso took a reggaetón song by Big Yamo and turned it into a moombahtonesque dance-floor igniter. He gave it to her as a gift a couple of months ago and now he finally decided to share the love and make it available to the rest of us.

Broso and his buddy DJ Recks are starting a new monthly party, Tropicante, in Brooklyn’s global bass cathedral, Bembe. They have committed to give away an exclusive remix every month while the party lasts, so if you’re in New York go support their party and we can all keep downloading these goodies.