Free Download: Kid Noise's “Infernal” [ECU]

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The members of Kid Noise wouldn’t be offended by some angry old dude yelling at “stupid kids and their damn noise” because that’s pretty much an accurate description of the band: kids making noise. The noise, however, is pretty awesome surf rock.

Kid Noise (a.k.a. Henry Silva, Diana Baquerizo, Juanjo Ripalda, Yela, Piolín, J Ycaza, and Mauricio Freire) claims to be from Guayaquil, Ecuador, but their bio also claims some crazy shit. There’s stuff in there about Cthulhu, Gargamel, some other Lord of the Rings stuff…in other words, take it with a humorous grain of salt!

What we know for certain is that their song, “Infernal,” is a badass tune that should be played as loudly as possible. Someone get these guys on a stage in Acapulco with O Tortuga asap! Listen/download it below.