Free Download: Kill All Hipsters' Kanapi LP [ARG]

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The Kill All Hipsters grrrls are fans of Japanese aesthetics, the Yeah Yeah Yeahs, and the overall badass attitude of punk. This six-track album, titled 乾杯 (or Kanpai, the Japanese way of saying “cheers”), acts as a buffet of their musical style of distortion, multilingual fierceness, and a weird desire to kill some people—hopefully in a figurative way.

After passing the initial “Bony Fingers” track, which is inevitably linked to that irresistible Karen O way of singing, the rest of the songs carry a cool KAH identity. My favorites of the bunch were “Totoro” and its final interlude that made my laptop vibrate in a funny way; “J’ai tué ma mère,” which felt really honest and provocative; and “Kanpai,” a track complete with onomatopoeia and real Japanese lyrics, combining two defiant acts of killing all the damn bears and drinking one more beer.

Let’s just hope no humanitarian groups or PETA advocates take theses lyrics seriously, so we can hear more about Kill All Hipsters in the near future. For now, grab Kanpai at the price you want below, and dry your glasses afterward.