Free Download: Kryone's “One For You” [MEX]

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While the purple haze that this track exhales is undeniable, “One For You” is one particularly bouncy mother. The young (age: 23) producer, who goes by the name Jaime García when not behind the mixer, certainly knows his way around the dance floor, counting on strong funk and electronica influences in his arsenal, as well as jazz, which sounds something like Dr. Dre’s early ’90s G-funk on a serious mellow high.

While the beat is rocking steady, this bass music enthusiast showcases his love of sounds. His layered production uses effects and processes to warp his beats. In the hands of other beat makers this might have sounded frantic and aggressive, but García keeps things clean and laid back.

All these qualities in a simple song that’s just shy of the three-minute mark, which make Kryone one of the the standout artists on the superb Mexican label, PIR▲.MD, one of the best beat providers in Latin America.