Free Download: KSN FAM's "3X" + Ceaese's "Amanecer" [CHL]

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Ceaese (a.k.a. Cea) has always struck me as one of the most arresting voices in the Latin American hip-hop scene. His 2011 album, Luces y Sombras, is a constant on my iTunes and if I were still a hip-hop dancer—basically, if my body didn’t currently hate the concept of effort—I’d be choreographing to “Mi Mundo” and “2011” any chance I got. Now the Chilean wonder has two treats for me (and you) this week.

First it’s the self-produced video for the title track from Cea’s recent EP, Amanecer, featuring Foche and a sample of John Legend’s “Prelude.” And then head on over to SoundCloud for his truly sticky, fat collab with Yaero (and possibly others) under the KSN FAM banner, “3X.” It’s a big song, one you should become acquainted with.

[insert-video youtube=QnGhEDk_xHY]