Free Download: La Chiva Gantiva's "Apretao"

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La Chiva Gantiva are a group of Colombian percussionists that met in Brussels and decided to preserve their Colombian musical roots and mix them with the band members diverse influences. The other members of La Chiva Gantiva are French, Flemish, Walloon, and Vietnamese adding their own spice to the cultural soundclash they create together. On their latest single, “Apretao” they bring “pura candela” (pure fire) to the dance floor.

The opening percussion will grab you and by the time the groovy guitar licks and Afro-beat bass line comes in, you will be shaking your hips uncontrollably to the rhythm that doesn’t let up the whole way through. “Apretao” is one scorching, fast-paced funky Caribbean romp of a song with speedy delivered lyrics that keeps reminding you just how tight this song truly is. Your hips will thank you for the work out.

Download “Apretao” for free below:

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Want to see how this song sounds live?

La Chiva Gantiva will be playing at SXSW 2013 in Austin this week and later on in Dallas, Chicago and New York.