Free Download: Algora's "La Era Punk" featuring Klaus&Kinski's Marina Gómez

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The spring hits keep on a comin’. This one’s courtesy of Madrid-based quartet Algora, a former one-man act led by Víctor Algora. “La era punk” is the advance single off their upcoming May release, Verbena (El Genio Equivocado).

The song starts off slow, with a tingle of potential – then the percussion hits and it evolves into an end-of-the-night dance jam. A bit of a slow burner, this is the track you tack on to the end of your set to wind all the horny people down. The breathy lady in the background is none other than Marina Gómez of Klaus&Kinski.*

Download Argola’s “La era punk” ft. Klaus&Kinski’s Marina Gómez for free to get your next party playlist started (or ended).

*Side note: Now that there are all sorts of incest accusations against Klaus Kinski, how does the band feel about using the actor as their moniker muse? I have thoughts about this. Anyway.