Free Download: La Troba Kung-Fú's "Barcelona" (remix)

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Instead of Vicky and Cristina meeting in Barcelona, this is what happens when New York’s Nickodemus travels to Spain’s coolest city and meets a bunch of local music luminaires. It’s called Turntables On Las Ramblas, a compilation of funky tunes handpicked by the founder of Turntables On The Hudson during his visit to Barcelona and then remixed by a who-is-who of current global dance music (DJ Sabo, Quantic, Novalima, etc). It may not have Penelope Cruz making out with Scarlett Johansson in a darkroom (in fact there’s barely any female presence) but the result is almost as sexy.

“Barcelona,” offered here as an exclusive free download for Remezcla followers, is one of the tracks included in this compilation, originally penned by La Troba Kung Fú (the direct descendants of mestizo pioneers Dusminguet) here remixed by Toti and Andyloop (who had already remixed them in a memorable ñu-cumbia track) and Maxey, turning it into an irresistible funky rumba.

After an EP last year, Turntables On Las Ramblas full 14-track compilation will finally be released internationally on March 19th. And this is not the end of the trip for globe-trotting DJ Nickodemus who anticipates future similar projects taking place in other latitudes, coming up: Turntables In Lima, Turntables On The Caribbean and keep rolling…