Free Download: LALALA4E + Sin Onda Present: W H A T E V E R F O R E V E R

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W H A T E V E R F O R E V E R, the greatest of life mottos, comes to us via Mexico’s experimental netlabel lalala4e and music blog Sin Onda. If their name and manifesto are any indication, these are children of the Internet era, brought up on memes, gifs, hash tags, and Garage Band. Their music is the machine-made music of now, resistant to categorization and even (at times) enjoyment.

The 15-track compilation includes some of the most active members of the digital noise scene in Mexico. Matilda Manzana covers Los Punsetes’ “Alferez Provisional,” while Capullo, Micropapitas, Mock the Zuma, Siete Catorce, and others all bring their own bedroom productions to the fold.

Like most experimental things, this isn’t for everyone. If music made by disinterested robots isn’t your jam, then X out. But if you like your music a little cold, a little mechanical, or if you’re just curious, then download away.

Download LALALA4E + SIN ONDA PRESENT: W H A T E V E R F O R E V E R here for FREE.