Free Download: Las Abejas' "Wasted" & "Detachment (of an Analyst)" [PR]

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The Puerto Rican scene can get blurry sometimes what with all the cross-band-collabs, but even within the blur it keeps expanding upward and outward. That much is clear. Last we heard, Las Abejas—made up of Cristian Zayas, Jorge Pérez, and Jose Moreira—debuted with the promising No Pun Intended in 2011. Now, two years later and a handful of other bands/solo acts under their belts (Moreira, Dax Díaz, Venera 3, etc.), the band returns with their second effort, Lazy Views.

Below you’ll find two exclusive free downloads from the album, the aggressively uttered “Wasted” and the hazier, more filtered “Detachment (of an Analyst).” Both of these are proper introductions to Las Abejas. But for a better intro for those of you who happen to be on the island (sorry about all that rain!), then you have a bevy of cities to catch them in while on Producciones Peligro’s PartyHardy Tour, starting August 16th. But if you’re not on the island (sorry about that, too), then you’ll have to make due with cassettes and downloads, which you can request via their Facebook page.