Free Download: Latin Bass Mexico VOL. 3 [MEX]

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Do you have a voracious appetite for free music downloads? Latin Bass Mexico Records doesn’t know moderation, they serve their music in giant buffet-like portions, enough to satiate the hunger of your mobile device’s hard drive until the next solar eclipse.

The third volume of their Latin Bass compilation series comes with 81 tracks and that adds up to over 250 total, released for free, since the label was established in 2012 by space-cumbia producer Oscilador Bass along with buddies Hijo Pródigo and Hans Vallejo.

Knowing how overwhelming it could be for some to digest 81 tracks in one bite, Oscilador, the curator and mastering engineer of the collection, divided it into a four-course meal.

It opens with some down-tempo appetizers under the title of “Orígenes Cumbieros,” attempting to ease you into the futuristic world of electropical bass, starting with the roots of the genre. After that you’ll find the salad, “Hijos del Acordeón,” a mixed selection of heterogenous sources including hip-hop, reggae, and mash-ups. The main dish is titled “Resorte’s Time” and it refers to a popular Mexican dancer because, well, this is all dance-floor-oriented stuff, with mid-tempo moombahton and its various derivates as the central ingredient. If you can make it till there, the dessert won’t be a challenge. Titled “1000 años después del bass,” it’s meant for the most adventure-seeking crowd. This part of the collection is all about the futuristic, experimental, yet-to-be-labeled hybrid genres that will be make you feel too old and out of touch with the scene if you’re just getting into this.

Bon appétit!