Free Download: Le Butcherettes' "I'm Getting Sick of You"

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Le Butcherettes are kicking off a tightly-packed one-week tour (with the Deftones), premiering the all-grunge core sophomore album Sin Sin Sin released this May.

Whether the “sin” in the record title means they’re “sinners” or are “without” something (en español),  the butcher rock diatribe lays some sin-seeking, heavy distorted, punk strumming tracks that makes us wanna smash our guitars into our amps while wearing nicely holed pantyhose with shinny cherry-red lipstick. Or maybe that’s just me with some random Courtney Love thoughts in my head.

Fronted by the balky-femme singer Teri Gender Bender, the Guadalajara-to-now-based-in-LA transplant trio are as fervid as can be. They’ve already played alongside with some big namers such as The Flaming Lips, Yeah Yeah Yeahs, and The Dead Weather, including massive fests like SXSX and Vive Latino.

Without a doubt, “I’m Getting Sick of You” is a freakin’ cool track that I’m not getting sick of.  Yet when I first read that title in my inbox, I was sorta like “wtf?” thinking the band’s PR was getting sick of me for some odd reason. Hehe, silly me. But to all of our satisfaction, including yours, we present to you this FREE awesome download.

Photos of Le Butcherettes in concert to come soon this week!

Le Butcherettes: I’m Getting Sick Of You