Free Download: Le Freak Selector's "Diz iz why I'm hot" (Die Antwoord Remix) + Video [ARG]

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Sudestada is a type of storm characteristic of the Río De La Plata area, bringing a combination of gusty winds, heavy rain, and humidity to Buenos Aires and Uruguay.

Born in Buenos Aires but residing in Barcelona, Le Freak Selector (né Martín Nardone) brought with him memories of those yearly subtropical storms that used to flood his childhood city, and turned them into bass-heavy, futuristic, dance-floor-igniting music.

Conceived to be performed live using a reactable (“the instrument of the future”), Sudestada is Le Freak’s third official album and it includes vocals by Miss Bolivia, ElMayonesa, and many others, including a tropicalized remix of Die Antwoord (check out the booty-centric video below), but the best moments are to be found in the instrumental tracks, where his meticulous production style shines like that magic table.

[insert-video youtube=j3C-d2XWC60]