Free Download: Little Ethiopia's "Joyas" [MEX]

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Little Ethiopia’s back-story is the stuff of blog heaven: two earnestly hip, bright-eyed teenage prodigies braving the very busy Mexico City music scene. Oh, and they make odd yet accessible music to boot. We of the Human race find this fascinating; the story of a couple of 17 year olds making honest, mature art. We find it fascinating because we think of college or post-college as the time in our lives when our aesthetics or artistic interests become cemented. High school did its best to suppress our inner artistes (do I sound bitter?). So the fact that these dudes flourished at such a traditionally stifling time is both surprising and admirable. Mind you, this is 2013, so the real teenage education happens on a laptop.

But Santiago Gómez and José Solé aren’t high schoolers anymore. They’re celebrated members of the D.F. indie scene with two EPs under their belts and, now, a new track, titled “Joyas.” The track, which isn’t part of any upcoming EP or album, continues on the same trajectory as the band’s Monday material, with one exception: it’s in Spanish. “Joyas” features the duo’s signature sheathed vocals, buried under woozy industrial chaos, fuzzy riffs, and sexy horns. Download below for free.