Free Download: Little Jesus’ “Azul”

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Okay, this is really starting to get ridiculous. I’m not sure what’s going on here, but my earlier suspicions of an indie rock takeover conspiracy seem more plausible with each passing day. Our latest piece of evidence: Little Jesus.

Little Jesus is an indie-rock outfit from the Distrito Federal. The group initially began as the solo project of Santiago Casillas. As time went on, his project grew to include members of 3 Dudes & A Mullet, The Plastics Revolution, and I Can Chase Dragons! Those two last artists should sound familiar. CONSPIRACY!!! Or, I don’t know, just a bunch of friends helping each other out.

Whatever the case, Little Jesus is getting ready to release its debut album, Norte, featuring “Azul,” the group’s latest single. The song sounds like the next evolutionary step from bands such as Enjambre and Los Romanticos De Zacatecas and, for some reason, it makes me think of 500 Days Of Summer but ending with Tom Hansen marrying Summer Finn.

Download/listen to “Azul” below.

[insert-video youtube=xlr_87FmD3w]