Free Download: Lorena Álvarez y el Coro de Ladinamo's Dinamita EP [ESP]

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Lorena Álvarez is a girl who’s been succeeding in making traditional Spanish music that appeals to young audiences. Since her first release with her Banda Municipal, La Cinta (2011, Sones), to her proper debut album, Anónimo (2012, Sones), Álvarez has been bringing folkloric genres and instrumentation from the villages, and indie crowds inside and outside Spain are feeling her.

Now, she’s released the four-track EP Dinamita via Producciones Doradas. Recorded live last February at Círculo de Bellas Artes in Madrid, it features Álvarez and her trusty Banda Municipal, but they are now joined by two amateur choirs: Coro de Ladinamo and Patio Maravillas. Musically, it has a lot to do with her previous releases, but the choral presence really adds a new dimension to these songs, the final track, “Alba,” being the best example. The mixture of these elements, plus the lyrics, gives us a strange but special feeling, which goes from pastoral to funereal.

Get Dinamita on 10” on Producciones Doradas. Or download it for free below.