Free Download: Los Amigos Invisibles' Robot Love

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There’re three sides to every Amigos’ new album. First you have their pop songs with catchy hooks designed to please the sing-along crowds that always pack their concerts. Then you have their dance numbers infused with some Latin rhythms. And last but not least, you have the quirky stuff that appeals to DJs and beat-heads, when the oh-so-handsome singer takes a break from the mic and the music takes over. That’s when they do their memorable live mash-ups, their ingenious interludes or simply some good ol’ instrumental tracks; and for obvious reasons that’s the part I tend to like the most about Los Amigos Invisibles.

On their new album, Repeat After Me, available now on all digital retailers, there’s a lot of the first, very little of the second (almost no explicit Latin music references) and one track that fits on the third category listed above: “Robot Love.” Not to dismiss the rest of the album, but this was my instant favorite after my first listen and now you can download it for free! It’s all disco funk glory with DJ Afro on the vocoder doing what Amigos does the best: the seventies retro sound that was their original trademark. If you’re missing the playful lyrics with cachondeo, do not despair, there’s plenty of that on Repeat After Me.

Download Los Amigos Invisibles’ Repeat After Me below: