Free Download: Los Animales Superforros' Coplas EP [ARG]

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This Buenos-Aires-based quintet might remind you of Animal Collective or Astro, but I honestly have a hard time getting passed their hilarious name, Los Animales Superforros. “Forro” can mean lining or cover, but in Argentine slang it can also mean jerk or condom, depending on the context. What’s a superforro then?

I don’t know what their intention behind the name was, but after listening to their dreamy EP, and the song “Superfurrie” in particular, I get the impression that maybe the forros they’re referring to are the costumes that adults in the furry fandom subculture wear when they go to furry conventions and have consensual, inter-species, anonymous sex. Or maybe I’m just a pervert and their name was just a pun on the psychedelic Welsh band Super Furry Animals.

If you’re down for some trippy Patagonian landscapes, with over-layered synths and gaucho-style syncopated percussion, then download Coplas. Anthropomorphic giant mascot costumes not required, but welcomed.

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