Free Download: Los Crema Paraiso's "Currucha" ft. Andrea Echeverri [VEN/COL]

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In many places throughout Latin America we use the untranslatable expression “de película” when we want to rate something extra positively. It can be applied to pretty much anything and it basically means that that thing, whatever it is, is so good that it belongs in a movie.

De Película
is the title of the upcoming album by Los Crema Paraíso, a side project of Los Amigos Invisibles’ guitarist and main composer, José Luis Pardo, a.k.a. DJ Afro. While in his solo career Pardo focuses on his DJ persona and produces dance floor-oriented soulful house and remixes, with Los Crema Paraíso he goes in the complete opposite direction, doing it all instrumental with a vintage, live sound that’s anything but commercial.

Here we have a single off their upcoming release and I don’t really know if it’s worth putting it in a movie but it’s definitely worth a spin or two. Aterciopelados’ singer Andrea Echeverri lends her vocals to the trio for this rendition of a Venezuelan folkloric classic (“Curruchá“) and if they ever get to do this live, I wanna be right in front of the stage because it’s gonna be madness.