Free Download: Los Nervios’ “Sólo por hoy” & “Todavía no puedo olvidarte” [P.R.]

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In 2011, Los Nervios-–the project of Balún’s Andrés Fontánez with collaborations from José Olivares, Angélica Negrón, Noralis Ruiz, Leonardo Velazquez, Diego Bernal, José Navarro, and Emanuel Rivera—had called it quits after a successful tour promoting his second release, 2010’s La Lombriz. Earlier this year, Fontánez announced his return with a small set in San Juan, and officially returned to the full band format at El Independiente V last month. With that came the release of two new songs as free downloads: “Sólo por hoy” and “Todavía no puedo olvidarte.”

While their usual fare oscillated between folk, rock, and pop, these songs explore the more synthy, dreampop side of the band. Both tracks are emotive, with soft melodies and beautiful arrangements that undercut the weightiness of the themes. In “Sólo por hoy,” Fontánez sings about the uselessness of words in certain moments and “Todavía no puedo olvidarte” works as an ode to indecisive lovers. Musically, the latter surprises you because of its sudden but subtle changes. What starts as a happy-go-lucky synth-pop track turns into somber shoegaze midway, with Fontánez’s soft voice almost hidden beneath the layers of sound.