Free Download: Los Oxford's Sleazy Abierto EP [URU]

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It’s terrible that we rarely get to hear from Uruguay. I blame it on the fact that they’re overshadowed by their musical powerhouse neighbors: Argentina and Chile. But Uruguay has its fair share of amazing musicians, from the ubiquitous composers of Bajofondo to rock acts like El Cuarteto de Nos and Santé les Amis. And now we get to hear from Los Oxford, the brash sextet bringing classic, dirty, sleazy rock back to the scene.

Trailing in the footsteps of Argentina’s national rock scene of the ’90s, Los Oxford offers a trip back to that classic rock canon with dirty riffs, lots of distortion, and the growling, whiskey-tinged voice of lead singer Joselo de Olarte. Synth pop and folk have been dominating the soundscape of “el cono sur” for a while now, so it’s nice to hear a band go back to basics and take influence from ’60s and ’70s blues rock to remind us (or maybe just me) how much we miss straight-up rock and roll. They also get a big shout out for bringing back shredding guitar solos and aggressive drumming. Get it, Los Oxford!

Their EP Abierto sounds a bit Stone Roses, a tad Queens of the Stone Age, and a hint of Black Keys. Their sound is gritty, fast, raw, and unafraid to be exactly what it is: Latin American blues rock. If you think I’m exaggerating, go ahead and download their EP on Triple RRR Discos. I dare you to tell me you don’t want to get that bottle of whiskey and that pack of cigs you have stashed somewhere.

Take a listen below and download the EP for FREE.